Learn how to test & detect a UTI: The at-home test kit

Written by

Kayleigh Maxwell

So you suspect you may have a UTI and you’ve received your TestCard UTI test kit to check for signs of infection, now what?

Once you have downloaded the TestCard app and are ready to take your test, there will be clear instructions available to you in the app which will take you through the process step by step.

You will need a clean container to collect your urine sample. This can be a container of any type or size, whatever is easiest for you to use. 

It is best to collect your urine sample as soon as you wake up to get more accurate results. Live UTI Free has some very useful tips for collecting a urine sample.

What is the minimum amount needed for a urine sample?

You will need to collect enough urine in your container to allow for all 3 of the test pads on the test strip to be covered.

The test pads will look for pH, nitrites and leukocytes in your sample.

Find out why we look for these here.

You will be asked to dip the test strip into your sample very briefly, for about 1 second. Then, once you have told the app that you have dipped your test strip, it will start a timer.

How long does it take to wait for the UTI test results?

The timer is set for 60 seconds from when you tell the app you have dipped your test strip. You can then use your phone to scan the test strip and get your dipstick results straight away.

With other UTI test kits, you are required to match the colours on the dipstick test to a printed dipstick results chart, but with TestCard we’ve got this step covered! The TestCard app will read the dipstick colours and depending on what is found in your sample, you will receive one of the following results: 

If you have a ‘Possible UTI’ or ‘High possibility’ of UTI, you can use our treatment partner to get antibiotic treatment, if clinically appropriate, delivered straight to your door.