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Urinary Tract Infection product pouch and test strips

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About the Products

TestCard is a simple to use postcard that holds a set of test strips. Coupled with a free smartphone app, you can see instant, medical grade test results from the comfort of your own home. There’s no waiting, no doctor’s visits, no laboratory and no need for healthcare experts to translate your results.

Our products are designed to help people who already have symptoms to decide what to do next. We’ve taken the testing method that’s been developed over decades and transformed it to help you take a simple, accurate urine test at a time and place that works for you.

Urinary Tract Infection product pouch and test strips

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI Test) Urine Self-test Kit

Common symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) include an intense burning feeling when you urinate, tiredness or pain in your lower back. Your pee may smell different than usual or your urine may be bloody or cloudy. You may need to go more frequently than normal.

If you’re showing symptoms of a UTI, our app can help you to understand what’s happening so you can get access to treatment quickly.

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Glucose product pouch and test strips

Glucose Urine Self-test Kit

This detects the presence of glucose and ketones in urine which can be an indicator of diabetes. Used in conjunction with a medical provider this can prove a valuable screening and monitoring tool.

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Malaria product pouch and test strips

Malaria Urine Self-test Kit

The malaria test aids the rapid diagnosis of malaria. Where a fever is present, the test will determine if this is due to malaria or some other cause.

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About the App

TestCard uses an app based urine testing kit to provide accurate medical results. Available for Apple and Android, we harness the power of your smartphone camera to give you the confidence that test results are reliable. Even in different levels of lighting.

When you take a TestCard urine test, the results screen indicates a clear yes or no and tells you if you need to seek medical advice. There’s no medical jargon or complicated numbers. The results are completely private and secure, you’re the only person who can decide if you want to share them with your doctor. Your doctor can then use the detailed numbers and analysis that sits behind the app to decide how best to help you.

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